Why the Best Takeaway Is Always Chinese Cuisine

You can enjoy takeaway from a pizzeria or a sandwich shop, but when most people think of eating takeaway at home, Chinese cuisine is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Chinese entrées are so popular because they are healthful and interesting to the UK palate. Any food that offers sweet and sour sauce or the spice of hot and sour soup is sure to make an impression on a person’s taste buds.

People in the UK are Chinese food aficionados, and enjoy the food almost as much as the French love wine. The food is outside the normal English fare and possesses healthy qualities, including having fewer calories than many English options.

take away from a pizzeria

A Philosophical Way to Eat

Two of the great philosophies of the Chinese culture, Taoism and Confucianism, guide followers on how Chinese food should be prepared and served. Therefore, preparing the cuisine traditionally necessitates a great deal of experience and expertise.

Philosophical Way to Eat

Promoting Harmony

The Chinese culture serves the food in smaller bites than other cuisines too. That is why knives are rarely used at the Chinese dinner table during the time food is being served. Chinese entrées also combine ingredients that are supposed to complement one another. The food is expected to appear colourful and have a good texture. The food is made to promote a feeling of harmony.

We relate Chinese food with health as the Chinese people have always cooked food with the idea of wellness in mind. As a result, Chinese food is supposed to promote healing and longevity. That is why the best Chinese takeaway in Bristol and other areas is made with polyunsaturated oils and uses quality ingredients.

Promoting Harmony

Noodles, Rice and Vegetables

Meat in Chinese cooking is used only in moderation and therefore dishes do not contain high levels of cholesterol or animal fat. That is why, in traditional Chinese cooking, the emphasis is on noodles, rice, and vegetables.

Meat in Chinese cooking

Varying Values in Nutrition – What is Best to Eat?

Various Chinese dishes have different nutritional value. Usually beef or chicken dishes that include vegetables are good choices. Also, fried dishes, such as sesame chicken, can be prepared with beef, broccoli, or chicken. This Chinese fare offers added nutrition not found in more traditional offerings, such as lo mein. Lo mein is less healthful as it features noodles saturated with fats and oil and has high levels of carbohydrates.

Fried rice contains a lot of carbs and cholesterol, but it can be substituted with brown rice. Chinese cooks primarily make use of soy sauce or other additives that are rich in sodium too. To cut down on the salt content, pick dishes with veggies that are steamed or stir-fried with very little oil and soy. Making this selection will also lower the calorie count. Dessert in the form of a fortune cookie is a safe bet, as each cookie only contains 15 calories.

Varying Values in Nutrition

In summation, Chinese food that features veggies and a small amount of meat is low in sodium, fat, and carbs – another reason why Chinese takeaway is often a more popular cuisine than takeaway pizza or sandwiches.