What Things Should Be Considered While Ordering A Steak And Choosing A Steakhouse Restaurant?

One of the first few reasons that steaks from different restaurants have different tastes is the cooking method and the meat quality. But when armature, it is not an easy choice to order a steak cut. So, the first thing that you should do is visit an authentic steakhouse restaurant like Rib’N Reef to develop a taste for the finest quality only. Moving on, the guide below will give you the perfect information about what things should you consider while choosing a steakhouse restaurant.  

Things To Consider While Choosing A Steakhouse Restaurant 

Since there are n numbers of steakhouses flooding the entire city of Montreal, it gets difficult to pick a good one. So, if in search of a steakhouse that serves best flavors, follow the guide below.

  1. Choose upscale steakhouses that use only USDA graded meat to make steaks. Only the first 3 gradings – Prime Steaks, Choice Steaks, and Select Steaks are worthy of your money. The difference between the 3 types is the fat content
  2. Variety is another classification of a good-quality steakhouse. Steakhouses that serve multiple cuisines including seafood, wines, and desserts should be your target when new to the city. Further, only a few selective ones offer separate cigar lounges

Things To Consider While Ordering Steaks

After choosing a steakhouse restaurant comes the choice of steaks. The guide below is a list of things that you must consider when visiting a steakhouse.

  • Steak Preference – Steaks can be bone-in and boneless. Choose boneless steaks if you prefer the super buttery and creamy texture and choose bone-in steaks if you like a more natural flavor
  • Fat Content – Ribeye steak cuts are fatty and New York steaks and Filet steaks are less fatty. Choose according to what you prefer more
  • Texture Preference – Order grilled ribeye steaks if you enjoy a tender texture. You can also order marinated porterhouse steaks if you like a well-balanced texture that’s neither overly creamy or dry
  • Cooking Method – Steak cuts can be undercooked and well-cooked. The choice is yours. If you relish juicier cuts, order them undercooked. But if you like the cuts that are neither very juicy nor very dry, choose a well-cooked one. Also, you can order them roasted, broiled, grilled, and chopped

On a closing note, be careful about the method of cutting since only properly cut steak pieces offer an authentic taste.