The Nations Favourite Retro Sweets

As children we probably all loved those delectable treats that were full of sugar and yummy goodness. The peppermints, the butterscotch, the cola bottles, or even simple bubble gum will bring a genuine smile of happiness and satisfaction to the face. Such sweets and treats will also conjure up a memory, or a few, that stimulates our senses as a reminder of the simplicity to our childhood and days gone by. However, it sometimes feels as though those days are so far behind us they might never be remembered much less experienced again.

Retro Sweets

Luckily, retro sweets are still available online to save our past and sweeten our future. A number of online sweet shops such as are creating, or re-creating, the simple delights that were such a treat to most of us as children, the items that our mother could not or would not make. The dental nightmares that we would so often beg for at the checkout stand in the grocery. Those delectable items that we promised our parents we would never beg for again if only we could get some right then. Surely you remember, certainly your parents would.

A Quick Pick of Our Favourite Retro Sweets

These were the candies that our grandparents would purchase to get the young ones all sugared up and roaring right before sending them home to their parents. Some of our firm favourites were always:

  • The Classic Butterscotch: A grandparents’ favourite sweet treat. Not only does this retro sweet remind us of our childhood, the buttery, creamy drops remind our grandparents of their childhood as well.
  • American Hard Gums or Gumdrops: the sugary, fruity, chewy delight that will workout the jaw muscles as you savour the flavours. Almost sure to keep the average child quiet for a moment or two.
  • Candy Jewellery: The ever so fashionable, tasty accessories like the candy necklace, the candy bracelet, and even the candy watch are sure to catch everyone’s eye as you flash their brilliance. It only goes without saying that they have in no doubt saved many from starvation on those long days out shopping and what not.
  • Gummy Anything: Gummy Bears, Rings, Wine Gums, Gummy Snakes, even the ever popular Cola Bottles have mystified and made us happy all at the same time. The chewy, softness with bursts of sweetness have made millions happy from babies to seniors for decades.

Jelly Beans: One of the oldest and most retro of sweet confections, yet still one of the most copied and mimicked items of today. Presidents have adored them and made them a colourful focal centrepiece of their cupboards and or desktop decorations. You can eat them one-by-one or a