Spectacular Tips To Include when Planning a Corporate Catering Event

The main theme in every meeting is to impress your clients and increases your chances of landing another business deal. Business meetings and cooperate events are no exception. You want to ensure that your visitors or clients leave the venue with a smile on their face. More often, you will notice that people are attracted by what they see, for example, guests sometimes pay more attention to food than the person speaking. This means that they are more concerned about the catering than anything else.

When we talk of catering especially in cooperate events, it is important to have a solid plan of all the activities that take place in this event. To set things rolling, here are five super tips on how you can get the stage set up for that important corporate catering event and at the same time keep your guests satisfied.

aCorporate Catering Event


Except for cooperate events that are meant to show case cooperate facility or any other event during the working day, most companies prefer cooperate events outside the office. Most people especially the employees love to go out of their work station where they can attend an open cooperate event and enjoy the privileges that come with such an event.

The planner may opt for conference hall or erect tents where they can transform the place and bring in décor and festive lighting. Just ensure the location is accessible and favourable to your guests.


No doubt that corporate events needs a significant budget. The top management may envision a high end party but they may provide you with a small budget for the event. So, it is up to you to plan the budget and make the event spectacular. This is means that you have to make the right decision to fit the budget available.

If you are in-charge, it is wise to share the information about the budget with your caterer. Having provided a lot of catering services, the caterer should make suggestions based on what should be in the menu, how to deliver the service and the best alternatives to cut down expenses. Work closely with your caterer and ensure you are on the same page.

Planning Corporate Catering Event

Demographics of the event

The important question to ask yourself as a planner is, who will be attending the event? Your guests will determined the amount of food and size of venue for the event. Different groups have different tastes therefore, it is important to know the guests who are attending the event.

Big companies may use their website to have guests log in and confirm attendance. Some events can have more guest in attendance than the actual number on your list. To avoid disappointments, always communicate with your caterer to have some extra plates to cater for the additional people that may be in attendance.

Theme of the event

A theme in an event is optional depending on the budget and the nature of the event. Before settling on the theme of an event, take into account the time allocated to see if you will have fine-tuned everything according to the theme suggested. This includes, props, food, décor, invitations, giveaways and many more.


The decision on whether to serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks depends on the corporate culture and nature of the event. The planner can arrange for a bar tab for the event where they can serve regulated wine then cocktail later.The important thing is to ensure everything is per the budget.

Corporate Catering Event Beverages

The WOW element in an event

Your guests are here for the event schedule but they will definitely feel impressed if you give it a bang or some fun detail. This is called the “The WOW factor” in your event. You can create a grand entrance for the guest where you can have a fun character wearing some unique costumes (a mascot perhaps with the company’s logo) serving your guests with a signature drink or a gift.

At the end of the party or event, serve dessert on each table, have a small pyrotechnic display or some entertainers to conclude the event. People will always remember such a twist at the end.

Well, planning a spectacular cooperate event is fun if you have the right plan and people. With these tips, cooperate catering will be much easier and at the same time, you will be in a position to leave a lasting impression of those in attendance.