Plan Your BBQ Menu amongst Countless Items

BBQ is an American tradition. Here, food is cooked outside, eaten, and shared in a casual fashion, at a gathering in a park, a backyard, a beach, a rooftop, or in a parking lot. Hamburgers and hot dogs may usually come to your mind when you think of a BBQ menu, but several other ingredients are great on a grill. Traditional side dishes along with pork and shellfish make a great BBQ menu that can please both family and friends. When you plan a barbeque menu, always remember that even a simple food can become completely delightful by its smoky taste.

Burger patties, traditional sausages, cutlets, or chops are simple foods. You can top them with capsicum, onions, and vegetables. You can make it easy by gathering pre-made salads and pre-cut vegetables from a local supermarket. The same stores can offer you marinated chicken, grilled beef kebabs, fish, and souvlaki. This can save a huge amount of preparation time. For lunch and dinner parties, you may prepare separate food items just like the restaurants have a separate menu for kids, lunch, and dinner. You can go with your family or friends for dinner and try out Q39 Dinner BBQ Menu.

BBQ dinner party dishes

People get excited to see grilled steaks at a BBQ dinner party. You should buy the right type of meat and have the best cut. Before you grill them, bring them to room temperature and sprinkle salt on both sides and then grill them for 10 minutes. The burger is another dish that you may try. The golden rule to grill a burger is to leave it alone. Do not flip it over and over, and do not squeeze it with a spatula. You will get a perfect grilled burger if you follow another tip, which is to grind the meat properly.

Hot dogs and sausages are a favorite at every BBQ party; however, after a few cooks, you may become tired. While grilling sausages, you should know the kind of sausage it is so that you can heat or cook them through. Fresh sausages should be cooked thoroughly, and the smoked or cured sausages can be just heated up. Chicken is a safe bet when you have a large crowd. Grilled chicken often gets overcooked and dried. Whether you’re cooking a whole bird or chicken parts, with or without bones, this is a popular cookout dish, and it’s tender and juicy as well. When you grill boneless chicken, it would be better to marinate it several hours before grilling it.

Summer BBQ

A summer BBQ menu is super easy and relaxing if you keep it simple and plan ahead. Some of the dishes at Q39 Dinner BBQ Menu are completely guest-worthy and delicious. You do not have to go for four or five side dishes, nor will you need eight varieties of main course food items and three kinds of desserts. These are the things you need when you’re hosting a potluck with several people. For a basic summer BBQ with a few family members or friends, keep the dinner menu simple.