Get ready to slice and dice!

If you are in the restaurant business, you will appreciate that it is essential to have the best available tools at your fingertips. Producing top quality food that satisfies your customers means that you have to be able to work efficiently and cleanly – minimizing waste while not compromising on quality.

Regardless of the type of food that you are serving, your restaurant will undoubtedly need to have slicing machine.

slice and dice!

One of the best slicing machines on the market is the Berkel slicer.

The Berkel Company has been manufacturing quality slicing machines for over 100 years. These are specialty machines specifically created for delicatessens and restaurants that are seeking a smooth and even cut on breads, meats, and other foodstuffs.

One of the most important features of any slicing machine is the safety mechanism – Berkel’s safety shield ensures that you can achieve any thickness of cut without putting your fingers at risk.

Berkel slicer

Flexibility in your slicing machine is incredibly useful, and the Berkel slicing machine offers customers the choice of slicers with varieties of blade sizes, tray sizes, horsepower speeds, and power types.

After-sales support is essential when you are making an investment in quality equipment and tools such as this. Berkel prides itself on being able to replace any part required and they minimize any down time by keeping most parts in stock and available immediately.

After-sales support

As well as the top of the range slicing machine, Berkel also offers specialist bread slicing machine and also a heavy-duty meat grinder.

After-sales supports

If you are in the restaurant or catering industry then you know the importance of having the right tools and equipment in your kitchen. Whether you are slicing bread, or shaving thin slices of ham, or creating delicate shavings of parmesan cheese – you need a slicing machine that is reliable, dependable, safe to use, and is an investment that will be part of your business for years to come.