Four Hurdles Caterers Commonly Face

 Whether cooking for a wedding of three hundred or an intimate romantic dinner in a home, catering companies know that you can’t always get it right. From catering Houston dinner parties where the party gets a bit out of hand to finding yourself stuck with 500 canapes when the bride takes a powder with the best man, the stories abound. But if you would really rather not be one of the stories other catering companies share at the annual conventions, here are a few tips to help.


You will often find clients who state one budget and then opt for more than they stated. While it isn’t your job to tell them what to do, you may want to remind them that sticking with the budget they have will in the end yield a party they are happier with. With weddings this is especially important since going over budget on the dinner can affect other aspects of the wedding. Work with them to help them make decisions that keep that plan within the budget they first stated.

Be Upfront About Extras

There are always “hidden costs” and keeping them hidden is asking for a problem somewhere down the line. Always be as upfront as possible about extra costs, such as for extra glassware or perhaps when adding more waiting staff or an extra bartender. Talk to your client about these extras to make sure they haven’t forgotten them and they are aware of what is needed and what is extra.

Judging Style Wrong

Not every wedding has to have a sit-down dinner, and it is good to know when it makes sense to have a buffet instead. This will usually come down to how many guests they have as it is hard or sometimes downright impossible to serve everyone at the same time. So, big events have different serving styles, and it pays to discuss this with the client.

The rule of thumb is that if the guest list climbs up around the one hundred mark, it is time to rethink that five-course dinner and move to a handier buffet style. It will also make it easier for taking care of guests with special diet restrictions as vegetarian, vegan and wheat free menus are easier to handle this way.

How Much is Too Much?

One of the big mistakes to make for any event is when the client doesn’t order enough food for the size of the crowd. This can be a tricky thing at the planning stages, but if you see this be sure to bring it up to your client right away. As a caterer, you are more versed in how much food can feed a certain size crowd, so use your expertise to show them what you see. No client wants to have an event where the food runs out, so talk to them about what to expect and how to fix this.

Follow these tips and you can be sure of having a catering company that serves its clients well, has a great reputation and has plenty of repeat customers. Remember that you are the expert, so use that expertise to help your client find the right solution within their budget.