Five Tips when Hosting a Party at a Restaurant or Bar

Hosting an elaborate private party at home may not be possible if you live in a small apartment. If you are inviting at least 50 people, it is better to invite them over for a happy hour at a restaurant or bar in Tampa. Planning a party at a restaurant just got easier and you don’t need to spend lots of money on it. It only takes following the tips below:

Plan your Event Early

A private party can only be successful when you plan ahead of time. Because you don’t own a place, there are some things you cannot control over. As a result, you will have to nail down some logistics. Think about the kind of event you wish to have. Are you looking to have a sit-down dinner in a private room on the weekend? Once you pick a date, narrow down a theme.

Research Possible Restaurants and Bars

After determining the basic details, it is time to scout out venues. If you want to host the party at a private room, look for a restaurant that has this. But, if you want a casual party such as a brunch, look for places with big communal tables. If you prefer to host in a bar, find bars with multiple rooms and separate drinking areas.

Be Friendly to the Restaurant Staff

In order for your party plans to happen, you have to reach out to the restaurant’s team. Take the time to get to know the waitstaff and bartenders on one day and talk to the manager on another. While talking to the manager, inform them about your party plan proposal. If you are choosing an upscale restaurant, they are likely to refer you to their event planner. But, if you choose a bar, you may be referred to the owner. Connect with major players and establish a positive relationship with them.

Make your Invitations Transparent

Some people prefer to host their private dining in Tampa in a restaurant and expect that their guest will chip in and pay for a part of their bill. If this is your plan, you don’t really need to send a formal invitation. A casual email will already suffice. But, make sure you send transparent invitations to avoid confusions.

Work with the Chef to Make Curated Menu

If you are hosting a dinner party at a restaurant, take the time to work with the chef in making a smaller curated menu. This is something the kitchen staff will appreciate as they do not need to make many different dishes all at once. Think about having appetizers served family style. Allow your guests to choose from entree, dessert, and salad options.