Finding Bar and Catering Items Is Easy if You Know Where to Look

Businesses of all types, from restaurants to bars and hotels to reception halls, rely on professionals to deliver top notch bar equipment and catering supplies. These supplies can be easily ignored and taken for granted, but when a business needs them, they are important. Places like bars and restaurants need these supplies on a fairly regular basis, since supplies and equipment can break or only last through one or two jobs. These supplies include everything from trays and drink dispensers to ashtrays and pub games. Virtually everything inside of a bar or pub is acquired through the use of an outside company. Businesses rely on these companies to provide them with supplies and equipment they can count on and at prices that won’t break the bank.

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Types of Equipment and Supplies Available

Companies that offer these items usually break the items down into categories, depending on their specific purpose. These include:

  • Bar supplies such as ashtrays, blenders, dart boards, call bells, personalised signs, smokers’ poles, whiteboards and blackboards, glasses, spoons, stirrers, ice dispensers, straws and straw dispensers, cooler pails, ice buckets, aprons, bins of all sizes, cocktail napkins, cocktail shakers, strainers and sieves, floor mats, corks, and much more.
  • Kitchen equipment like graters, pots and pans, knife sets and sharpeners, scoopers, baking pans, colanders, meat tenderisers, airtight food containers, bamboo skewers, lemon and lime squeezers, bowl scrapers, chopping boards, can openers, canisters, pizza cutters, thermometers, digital scales, egg slicers, mixing bowls, whisks, and more.

Equipment and Supplies Available

  • Front of house items such as milk jugs, sugar bowls, teapots, literature holders, food warmers, toast racks, menu holders, riser sets, serving and display items, table top items, and catering items such as glassware, cutlery, and crockery.
  • Accommodation supplies such as towels, sugar bowls, mops and buckets, dish drainers, laundry baskets, coffee pots, mug trees, security hangers, shower curtains, laundry bags, bread boxes, hairdryers, mattress protectors, tool caddies, heaters and radiators, table top refrigerators, irons and ironing boards, bread bins, kitchen scissors, dish drains, and more.
  • Miscellaneous supplies and equipment such as disposable cutlery, cups, napkins, tablecloths, order pads for wait staff, and till receipts; equipment that include kitchen items, washing machines, food preparation and food service items, laundry room supplies and furniture; cleaning supplies for all areas; and clothing items such as aprons, hats, jackets, trousers, rubber gloves, shoes and boots, and industrial workwear.

Miscellaneous supplies

Companies that provide these items are professional and specialise in providing supplies for catering, cleaning, and janitorial companies, among others. They provide high-quality catering and bar supplies to a variety of industries and offer competitive prices as well. Delivery options vary according to which company you use, but most of them offer same-day delivery or delivery within 24 hours of your order. You can also receive free, no-obligation quotes via phone or their website, and you can often download a brochure of all of their supply items directly from the website.

In this area, there are many companies that provide bar and catering supplies and equipment – companies such as Pattersons, which has several offices in and around Bristol. In fact, Pattersons Bristol showroom, like many other stores’, is open six days a week for customers who wish to see the items in person. Delivery is simple, too; in fact, with many companies, if you place your order by a certain time via phone or email, your order will be ready for delivery the very next day. Visiting a company’s website, as well as visiting its showroom, is usually where people start their search for a company that provides bar and catering items.

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Are There Any Special Conditions?

As with many other items, there can be some terms and conditions applied to the rental or purchase of bar and catering items. For instance, the prices included on the websites and in the showroom usually do not include VAT costs; in addition, prior written authorisation is usually required beforehand if a business wishes to return an item they’ve purchased. There are other terms as well regarding delivery, returns, delays in or cancellation of deliveries, information on non-stocked items, international deliveries, conditions and warranties, and information on Errors and Omissions Excepted. It is always best to check with these companies before signing anything, so that you are certain you understand everything in the contract.

Any questions regarding any terms and conditions should be discussed beforehand so that no misunderstandings occur later on in the process. That being said, companies that offer supplies and equipment usually make all important information known upfront, to avoid any confusion, and will work with customers from the initial meeting to the delivery of their items in an effort to make sure that both sides are satisfied with the end result.

Special Conditions

Finding the Right Bar and Catering Item Company

When searching for a company that provides bar and catering supplies and equipment, it is usually best to start with the Internet. These companies have well-maintained, professional websites that include detailed descriptions on all of their products – including full-colour photographs and prices – as well as delivery information, a blog that contains valuable information for the customer, testimonials from other satisfied customers, information on their various showrooms, a way to download a brochure directly from their site, and financing information. With many of these companies, you can apply online for a credit account to make payment of your items that much easier. Short- and long-term financial arrangements can be entered into with the company, lasting anywhere from six months to three years and sometimes even longer.

These companies make it very simple for the customer to explore everything about them in order to begin purchasing from their company. Whether you’re a new bar or catering facility, or even an office that is being refurbished or is having a grand opening, you can purchase just the right supplies and equipment you need by researching companies that sell these items online, visiting their showrooms and, of course, contacting them if you have any questions.

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