Determining the Differences Between Fresh Hop, Wet Hop & Dry Hopped

It’s quite common to get confused when you see these buzzwords on beer cans and bottles in the local brewery. Just after the hop harvest season is over, people can see pretty common tags like, wet hop and fresh hop. Let’s find out the secret behind them. There is a big difference between hop beers and hopped beers. Dry hoping is a process. There are different names of processes like hop beers, wet hop beers and dry hopped beers. Fresh and wet hop beers contain fresh and wet hops. Hops are actually climbing vines. Hop flower is a part of the plant that is used for brewing beer. It adds a taste of bitterness when added at the start and aroma at the end of the brewing process. On the other hand, dry hopped beers contain an addition of hop flowers after the boiling process. For this reason, the process is called dry hopping.

Navigating through the styles of beer

There are different types of beer and one of them is the extra special craft beer. Well, understanding the concept of craft beer can be a bit confusing at first. Beer Store in Lewisville provides you appropriate information on the blend of beers along with the best style of craft beer. There’s an average range of ABV and IBU with the best food pairing and suggested beer. The trend of craft beer has exploded recently in the brewing industry where there are fabulous options available to suit your needs. It is of course great news of beer enthusiasts, right? Craft beer is a complete blend of art and science. It is up to the brewer who can create a beer with specific guidelines in mind or forge an innovative blend, breaking the traditional styles.

There are many craft brewers who specialize in brewing out of the style guidelines and thus, it becomes impossible to represent the correct spectrum of beers which are created today. In the U.S brewing industry, there are many common styles which can suit your choice of taste without being exhaustive. Craft brewers use various ingredients to add flavor, aroma, body and finish in the beer. New age styles are derived from classic and traditional styles from England, Germany and Belgium to add a twist and modification in the brewing process. New styles of beer are constantly emerging, thanks to the constant exploration and experimentation by U.S brewers. This is the actual cause of difficulties when it comes to documentation for the styles of beer.

Why craft beer

Craft beer adds an essence of special pleasure and is one of the most important beverages for everyday celebrations. Each style and blend shows the creativity and passion behind the complexity of its ingredients. Craft beer is also treasured by many people who understand the specialty and see it as an exceptionally fermented beverage. In the artistic food and beverage world, Beer Store in Lewisville offers versatile craft beer that enhances food experience when paired expertly with a dish.