Best Modern Styling Kitchen Tips

It’s easy to overhaul a kitchen without breaking the bank. There are many smaller things that can be done without needing to call in a professional. Modern is a style that is very on-trend right now. With its subdued colours and sleek, elegant lines it proves to be timeless. There isn’t a room in a house that can’t reflect this style well. If you’re looking to update your kitchen here are two easy tips to bring your design into this style.

picking your paint colour1


A simple paint job can do wonders for any space. The hardest thing about this job is sliding out the appliances and painting behind. You don’t want to cut corners and you want your space to look complete. Since the modern-style design can work with just about anything, picking your paint colour should be easy to do. Choose the colour at the right finish. You want something that can stand up to moisture, heat and excessive cleaning. You don’t want to paint your kitchen every year. If you can get it right the first time you will appreciate it.

Faucets and Hardware

It might seem intimidating to update all the handles on your cupboards and drawers but the payoff is fantastic. Another job you could do on your own is updating your faucet. Keeping with the modern look Maestro Bath has an excellent selection of hardware that can fit almost any budget. The quality you will get from these pieces is worth the cost. You can watch a tutorial on how to replace a faucet here.

picking your paint colour

These are two easy jobs that you can either do on your own or with the help of friends. They will take perhaps a weekend of your time and the payoff is fabulous. Your house will feel fresher and will look absolutely stunning.