5 Breweries You Have To Try If You Are in Quebec

There are roughly 6 dozen breweries in the Canadian region of Quebec.  Yes, that is more than 70 local craft breweries all working magic with hops and malt and grains.  As you can imagine, then, this region has quite the Brutopia beer culture; but what if you only had one day to visit the region and only had enough time to visit one or two of these magnificent facilities?

Well, for you, here are 5 breweries you absolutely must try if you are in Quebec.


Translated to “The Devil’s Hole,” the name may not appear to be quite so attractive. Locals, however, might be able to explain to you that this is in reference to the whirlpool that rests at the base of Shawnigan Falls.  This city, halfway between Quebec City and Montreal, is the home of the five friends who started the brewery in 2005.  Their flagship enterprises—the Sang D’Encre dry stout and the lighter, more refreshing Saison Du Tracteur—helped put them on the map, but their wild, wood-conditioned brews—and equally wild-humored labels—probably keep them at the forefront of the culture.


If you love your beer with a little hops, this may be the brewery for you.  With a solid lineup of traditional IPA (from American to Belgian, from black to imperial) their most adventurous may be Leo’s Breakfast IPA. This collaboration with Kissmeyer Brewery, of Denmark, is brewed with subtle hints of Earl Grey Tea.


Perhaps the newest entry to this industry, Le Castor has quickly grown in popularity thanks to their fairly intoxicating 6.5% ABV Yakima IPA. This is a flavorful, resiny, tropical hoppy brew that is available both on tap (preferred) as well as in 660mL bottles.  Located in Rigaud, the brewery has only been open about a year and a half but is already one of the most talked about rising star in Canada.


Quebec may be a French-influenced area but you can’t go wrong with a good German-style beer.  Hence, this Brossard-based company’s success, characterized by a distinct variety of Bavarian-influenced kellerbier, maibock, and altbier Signature Series brews. They also offer American and English style beers to add some variety.


Charlevoix is known for their two lines of beer with styles and labels so different it seems they are different companies.  These are Dominus Vobiscum—featuring Belgian styles—and La Vache Folle—which features more American and English styles.